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A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Review by Milka:


I don't know can I call this a review, because it will probably be just a general rambling of my thoughts about the book. I feel like due to the extent of the novel as well as the fact that everyone is pretty much familiar with it, there is no point for me to write the type of review I usually do... And I don't think I would be able to do it because the story was so extensive to begin with. 
Probably everyone has heard about Game of Thrones one way or another. Some have probably heard about the books themselves, but I would predict that the more people are familiar with the HBO series based on the book series. I had seen stuff about Game of Thrones from Tumblr, but I think Iina was the first person who actually told me that the show/books are amazing! So I watched the first season of the series and liked it alright. It is extremely well made and it is clear that the budget for the show is probably enormous. It did not change my life or anything, but I found it entertaining. After seeing the first season of the show, I went and bought the book. I started to read it, but after 150 pages or so, I got stuck. That was probably 6 months ago.
After finishing with all of my writing tasks for university, I picked up the book again and after reading probably 50 more pages I really got into it. The beginning was a bit slow, mostly due to the fact that the world and the characters had to be introduced with a lot of detail and at points this got a bit boring. But once the story started to develop, it got more and more interesting and eventually I ended up reading the rest 500 pages or so in just a couple of days. Participating in the read-a-thon helped a lot in the reading process - I had a good excuse just to read.
The novel is narrated by several different characters and eventually I started to like some more than others. Arya is brilliant, as well as Jon Snow and Tyrion. Sansa annoyed me, but Iina told me that she becomes more likable in the other novels. Due to the fact that I had seen the first season of the show, I kept thinking that the characters look exactly like they look in the show... This was definitely delightful while reading about Robb Stark. 
So will I read the second book or watch the second series of the show? Definitely. But I will read the book first before watching the show. And it might be a while until I pick a book that massive to read. 
Have you read the books or watched the series? Who is your favorite character?